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We bring the power to you!

Charge up for $1 an hour

Find A Station


Locate the closest eCharge kiosk to charge your device. 

Check Out

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Use a Credit/Debit card to rent out one of our portable chargers today!

Connect & Charge

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Connect our fast charger to your device and click the to power up button to charge.

Return it


Return to the nearest location and insert into an empty slot.


Find eCharge on Google maps

Use  google map to locate an eCharge kiosk at airports, train stations, bus stations, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and etc. App coming soon.

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Keep your audience happy and engaged by providing eCharge to power up their devices. eCharge will have the event charged up and keep attendees connected. 

eCharge Sales Rep

Become an eCharge Sales Representative in your area and get paid for every qualified business location you sign up.

Click the button below to apply.

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Sale Rep
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