Smartphones and portable devices are growing at a faster rate due to the frequent usage of activities such as social media, live streaming, music, shopping, and many others. With all these activities, reliability, convenience, and fast battery power sources are needed to help boost our portable devices. eCharge has come up with a solution to tackle this current dilemma. 


Try to take a step back and imagine being in the middle of doing something very important on your portable device or phone and it suddenly dies? Very disappointed right? You can relate it to driving your car and running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. People rely on their phone networks to stay connected with the world. It does not matter where you are, the moment your phone battery runs out, your connection to the world immediately stops! 


In today’s world, mobile phones and tablets are used by everybody. eCharge has come up with a solution for all users to be able to power up their devices by bringing the power to you. Your device is most useful if you can access it at the time you most need it. 


eCharge provides power to your cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, We Bring the Power to you. Our portable chargers have a variety of three fast charging ports: IOS, Micro, and type C. We all have various electronics to charge each day and it appears the number will simply continue to rise. We care more about the happiness of our people, so we have created a cost-effective solution to meet our customer’s needs.

Emergency Charge LLC also known as eCharge ATM is the #1 solution to powering up mobile phones, tablets, game controls, and many other electronic devices. eCharge ATM is a charging rental company that allows users to rent a portable charger or power bank at any of the eCharge ATM locations on the go. 

Our mission is to provide value to our customers through rent on the go service by focusing on price, convenience, flexibility, and quality. 

eCharge’s vision is to be the #1 power rental service company, where customers can easily find, rent, and buy any of our products at an affordable price. eCharge power bank is developed and engineered to fully charge a device from 0% to 100% in less than an hour. This allows consumers to pay less to rent our product.

Restaurants, Bars, Shopping Centers, Stadiums, Airports, Train stations, Event centers, Schools, Hospitals, Game centers, and many more.

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