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eCharge Sales Rep

Become an eCharge Sales Representative in your area and get paid for every qualified business location you sign up.

Click the button below to apply.


How to become a Sales Rep

Our goal is to develop and empower over 2,000 entrepreneur world wide in the next 5 years. With eCharge rep program you can earn from $100.00 to $1000.00 monthly by working on your own time and speed. You can start earning by following these three simple steps.

Apply and Get Approve

Apply by completing the form below for a review, once approved eCharge will provide you all the materials and trainings you need to be successful.


Meet With Businesses in You Area

You will find businesses in your area to discuss eCharge platform and placing eCharge station at their business for free.


Sign Business up and get paid

Once business sign up and eCharge station is set up, you get paid. 



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